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From school nickname to business venture.

Learn about my life, what made me become a web designer, my qualifications, and future goals.


I live in a tiny home van as a digital nomad.

Neffrey lives in a van? Sure do! I spent a whole month converting it into my own little tiny home. After transitioning to working at home full time, I began thinking about different forms of living. This was especially fueled by the hatred of paying rent!

So now I have my cozy little Chevy van that I live in. It's still kind of unfinished but it's great as it is. Especially because right now I'm saving up for the next van. An upgrade is needed before I can really start traveling around the country.

me at Laurens wedding


me clean shaven

I discovered my passion for web design by working at a company called Prosper where I was trained as a coach Prosper's students on how to build e-commerce stores.

I worked at Prosper from August 2010 until September 2014. I left after finding my purpose, to become a master of web design and development.

After leaving Prosper, my next day jobs were in the sales field and I spent my free time honing my design & development skills.

Now I have been doing freelance work for 2 years. During which I've designed & built websites for e-commerce stores, local business's, online business's, and a few of my own projects.
















In the summer of 1990, I was born to my family in Henderson, Nevada. Two years after my birth, my family moved to Utah which has been my home ever since.

At a young age I fell in love with computers. I was fascinated by how they worked, how to fix them, and how to modify them. This passion lead me to know I wanted a career that worked with computers one day.

me & pa heber
looking over colorado

Another passion I gained as a child was the love of the outdoors. I grew up playing, exploring, and adventuring outside. Some of my favorite activities were riding my bike, building wooden jumps, and catching snakes.

During my teenage years, I became a Boy Scout. This gave me many more exciting experiences outdoors such as canyoneering, rappelling, survival skills, and much more.

I loved my time in Boy Scouts and even completed all of the requirements to achieve Eagle Scout!

As a teenager I pursued my love of video games. I loved the visual effects, the strategy involved in the games, the technology behind the games, and being able to meet new friends online.

I started training to play first person shooter games professionally. This led to many online tournaments and even got to play on stage in front of live crowd.

After awhile, I lost interest and knew gaming wasn't the career I wanted.

forest wolf

After I left gaming I started working at Prosper learning web design. On my own time I found a love for graphic design. I started making logos for local businesses, creating art through graphic design, and becoming a digital artist.

Now I use these skills that I learned as a graphic designer to create beautiful websites and graphic elements. Continually getting closer to achieving my current goal of becoming a world renowned web designer and developer.


My future goals consist of continuing to live the vanlife, saving up and converting my next van, and then using it to travel the United States and Canada. 

Other goals include honing in my art, design, development skills and to begin making digital music.

Van undone
me playing guitar

I have a deep love for music! Music was always playing LOUD in my house while I was growing up. My mum is a music fanatic and that love was definitely passed down to me.

During my youth I did multiple years of piano... against my wishes. 😉 Though I am grateful I did as I picked up learning the guitar and immediately loved it. Learning the piano really helped catapult my skills, especially the music theory part.

So now I'm learning more about composing music. In the near future I would like to start releasing my own tracks. So look for that in the future.


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