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Angie Lee wanted to relaunch her website with a modern and professional look & feel. She also wanted to have her new site display all of her services in an easy to navigate layout.

She asked for my help in defining that brand and building the entire site. We worked together to define her branding and the outcome is spectacular!

Angie's new site and branding is strikingly bold and does exactly what she needed. Her services easy to view and the use of forms helps convert her website visitor into valuable business leads.

Recently she underwent a branding change and is now "InvictaVox".
The link below has been updated so that you can see the new location of the same site. 🙂


alma - home - iphone
alma - home - ipad


Angie Lee

Neffrey takes the time to fully understand his customers brand and functionality needs before creating a website.  He is willing to provide suggestions based on industry standards, but stays true to the vision of his clients. The end product is a website that fits the aesthetic of the company and fulfills all technical desires.


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