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About Me

At the start of 2020, I moved across the country to the Minneapolis MN area for a complete career change. With that change, I am no longer offering web development services. Nowadays you can find me at my job as a casino blackjack dealer, dancing around with my flow props, sometimes making graphic art, honing my web dev skills, and spending time with friends when possible!

Selfie of Neffrey

Dancing With Props

Prop-based dance, aka flowarts in my world, is what I love. It is my daily meditation and my favorite thing to do for fun.

After being around it for just a few months, I made it a part of my daily life. It has been such a blessing in my life both physically AND mentally.

I've already been lucky enough to perform in front of hundreds as a festival dancer. My goal is to one day travel around performing and teaching workshops at festivals.

Forest Wolf - Graphic Art Piece by Neffrey

Graphic Design

Graphic design has been a hobby of mine for 15 years now. Previously I really enjoyed digital painting like this Forest Wolf. These types of projects were put on the back as most of my time in Photoshop and Illustrator was spent making functional art like logos and user interfaces. In the future I'd like to have merch with my designs for sale here so stay tuned.

Fullstack Web Development

Web development projects is where most of my time has been gone to lately. I’ve been honing my skills in the React ecosystem while thoroughly enjoying building my own projects like ndiceroller

For a while there I ended up losing my love for development and code. I have refound this passion after taking a big long break from it and only coming back to it as a hobby. I love building fun things when the mood for code and not building when I'm not in the mood.

My favorite tech

The powerhouse component based JavaScript library used for building dynamic and interactive user interfaces.
The widely used JS framework built on top of React that enables both server-side and client-side rendering for production ready webapps.
Drizzle ORM
A modern and powerful tool that provides a type-safe and seamless database SQL access and manipulation.

Get In Touch

Currently I not offering design and development services. I want any time spent on graphic art and web development to be on my own projects.

There are many beautiful ideas in my head. I want to see some of them actually get made.

If you do have a project that you reeaaallyyy want my help with and you are prepared to pay BIG BUCKS then send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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